Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Library

Lately I have been wondering if Smidge has a split personality. It's like there are two Smidges, Private Smidge and Public Smidge.

For instance Private Smidge at home offers one gummy grin after another no problems, but public Smidge is very selective and quite picky about who she'll interact with.

It could be that she's naturally a timid creature who is easily overstimulated or perhaps she thinks anyone who gets within close proximity is likely to install a cannula or long line. Either way half the village thinks they have 'lost their touch.'

In any event I decided it might help for us to get out a bit more and do a bit of socialising to help her to adapt.

Now seeing how Smidge loves me to sing to her, (the only person on the planet to appreciate my vocals) I thought I'd take her to the Big library to join in 'Bounce and Rhyme' with the other babies and children. Big mistake.

I don't know who was more overwhelmed me or her.

My first mistake was sitting in the leaders chair. ( looked comfy)

Once evicted I plonked my post pregnancy arse down next to it. That was my second mistake. Children kept wanting to sit on the leaders knee and bang their sodding tambourines.. It was nine thirty in the morning I tell you and I'd only had one cup of coffee.

You'd think it couldn't possibly get any worse when they bought out a whole box of instruments, shakers, clickers, drums.. What the heck!

Smidge stared up at me helplessly and I gave her my best 'we cant leave now' look before a toddler toppled over on a chair virtually landing in my lap.

Then a boy called Harry, who wanted to 'Hold the star on a stick' started to make his way towards the leader, but what was that I could see on his neck? A rash!

Obviously Harry was known for his star stealing antics because I could hear his Mother shouting 'Not this week Harry, you can hold it at the end... Harry come back!'

Yes Harry.. Go back ! Back away from the preemie!

So I'm sat there seriously hoping Harry has a dairy allergy whilst singing twinkle twinkle, a smile plastered across my face that says 'we love it here and we are having so much fun.'

Meanwhile Smidge seems to have gone in to a reclusive state and has decided it might actually be better to  go to sleep.

Obviously not quite ready for the Big library. Neither one of us.

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