Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ten things

Today’s post is going to be a positive one. I’m slightly conscious that my last entry didn’t end on such a positive note and I have left it lingering for far too long.. I mean what will my newcomers think? That I am an ungrateful  and self-indulgent ex- premmy mum on a mission to take down Neonatal Nurses? Must get with the times - After all, I have a great deal to be thankful for at this moment in time and there’s plenty of time tomorrow or any other day for a good rant. In fact there are many half completed whingey documents waiting eagerly in my drop box just begging to be published but today I refrain. Today I’m going to join in on a ‘meme’ for a little bit of fun and to remind myself that I truly am one lucky ex-premmy mum.
This meme is called ‘Ten things I love about you’ and I'm sure you can guess which family member I am talking about!
1.       Your voice.
I love waking up in the mornings to the sound of your chirpy little voice babbling away as you talk to the 'tiny world' creatures dangling above you. To me it is the sweetest music!
2.       Your light up face.
The way you look at me- I love the way your face glows when you spot me in a room and I when I glance at you you smile, but it’s only me that gets the ‘smile every time treatment!’. This makes me feel really special.
3.       Your broccoli giggle
 I love the way you giggle when I talk about the nutritional benefits of broccoli, why you find broccoli so funny is beyond me but it has you in fits none the less and it's a delight to see you laughing.
4.       Your determination
Even though you hate tummy time you always try your best to lift up your big old preemie head! Don’t worry though, you’ll grow into it and you still have the prettiest face!
5.       Your social side
You love to watch your brother play and interact with other children and it is just so cute to see you holding hands with your friend Isabella or to see you watching your cousin Bethany showing off her excellent motor skills!
6.       Your sense of humour
I agree there’s nothing funnier than pulling off Daddy’s glasses, I mean let’s be honest he should have gone to specsavers!
7.       Your communication skills
I love the way you speak up if there’s an issue! Why beat around the bush, you’re only a baby once!
8.       You’re a survivor
You have not had the easiest start in this life but every obstacle that has come your way you have overcome. You have amazed your daddy and me with your resilience and fighting spirit. We are so proud of you!
9.       Your inquisitiveness.
The way you like to explore your toys and the environment.. (it would be nice if you declined to take my nipple with you when doing this during feed times though!)
10.   Your patience
You are very patient with your mummy when she ‘strongly encourages’ you to do particular things to help you achieve your milestones and also when she insists on dressing you up  four times daily then of course there’s the bandanna thing!

So there you have amazing little girl…Smidgy-roo. Lots to feel happy about, proud of and grateful for!

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