Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Must Have Or Plastic Fantastic?

Last week, fellow blogger and Premmy Mum, Amymouse wrote a blog post reviewing some of her daughter's favourite Christmas presents.

Now, "Wriggles", an adorable looking and cheeky faced one year old, was the lucky recipient of some incredibly cool gifts, which later led to me having a rather unfortunate case of Mouse- cheese- puppet envy. Thanks Wriggles, I blame you, you know.

Any way, Today, I thought I might do similar style post, partly because it's a great idea, but mainly because I am trying to find a way to tell you about Amy mouse's amazing blog, and this seemed like a suitable way of doing it.

See not only is Amy mouse hilariously funny but she is unbelievably modest about her secret heroic abilities, which first become evident when you read her birth story. If I was Amy mouse, I would be talking about these abilities much more regularly, but as I am not her, I will just have to give her the credit and hope I can steal some glory for pointing you in her direction. You can join her and the lovely Wriggles on their ongoing awe inspiring journey over at Nearly Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

Now as you would expect, Smidge was typically more excited by the boxes than the presents this last Christmas, despite me, her lady in waiting presenting her with numerous carefully selected gifts which she proceeded to stare at blankly, a thoroughly unimpressed look on her face that said 'for me? Really? And er....your point is?'

However there was one toy that had her absolutely won over from the minute she clamped eyes on it, it was none less than this charming little singing Elmo, who swept her off her tiny feet with his irresistible pleas to have her sing a long with him.

Elmo was a gift from my lovely cousin Gemma, her husband Matthew and their three million children. There was something about the way that Elmo looked that made Smidge's eyes light up and forced a little smile to break out on those beautiful  rose bud lips. When I pushed in Elmo's tummy and he started practising his vocals, she properly laughed out loud. Smidge is so in love with him, she chose him as a partner to practice her first kisses on.

The other Gift that Smidge favoured this year was a bit of a slow burner. See, when we first opened this prezzie my heart sank because it was an undeniably giant, plastic monstrosity, Oh no! I thought, my anxiety levels soaring....... how is this going to fit in with my Earth Mother image? 

See, I have always taken great care to to hide all things plastic away and keep them a top, top secret, much preferring to display my wooden toys instead, which are neatly stored in wicker baskets in the corner of my living room. But guess what? Not only was this present enormously plastic, it was pushable too! for Smidge to parade around with, potentially bringing my Earth Mother Status in to a state of complete disrepute. 

You guessed it, it was a baby walker.

Immediate action had to be taken. So I took the walker upstairs and put it in the spare room, tucked away in the corner. It's safe here I thought, no one will see. 

Some weeks later, I was upstairs on the landing doing that 'pretend walking' lark that Smidge is so passionate about, 'Blimey' I thought, My back is killing me, then I remembered the secret gift! So I glanced out of the window, performing a quick security check before bringing  the walker out of quarantine. I stood Smidge up against it and what do you know, she walks right down the hall pushing the damn thing, grinning all the way.

So it seems to me that this is a toy that poses conflict... Smidgy grins verses hippy sins.. 

What would you do?


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