Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day In The Life Of Smidge

7.00am. I like to wake between six thirty and seven, If you ask me it's the best time of day. Generally I just roll around in my cot for a while,then when I start to get bored I step up my game a bit you know, maybe set of a few musical items, let out a few whines, that sort of thing, Oh and my latest trick is banging the tommee tippee cup against the cot, what a gem of a discovery!

7.15am Daddy is usually the first to relent, picking me up and taking me down to the kitchen for a bottle of failed Mother. It's a shame really because lately we only seem to be doing this in the mornings, I don't know why, I used to enjoy our night caps.still, such is life..

7.30am We go upstairs to wake up George, one of my favourite pass times. Daddy leans me over and lets me pull off his nose, seriously, I never tire of this game!

8.30am Mama gave me breakfast, this morning it was omelet followed by strawberry and banana mush, lately I've realised that if I throw the omelet on the floor, I can get straight to the good stuff..There is an argument to suggest this is wasteful, however in the circles I mix in, this is a highly regarded approach.

Me,On a naturally occurring high.

9.00 Following the sweet stuff, Mummy plays bricks for a while.It was all going good and I was having a great time, I threw a couple of good un's but then Mummy went and stuck me in this hoop and told me to 
burn off some energy. Good to know my enthusiasm is appreciated around here.
Still gotta love her! That Mummy one is such a Character!

9.30 All that clambering has made me pretty tired, I think I'll take a nap in my cot.

10.30 I'm awake! And Mummy has had a shower, washed the dishes and put put the laundry on. Well done Mummy, it's good to see you being organised for a change.

It's time to get dressed, Oh and have a nice drink of water. For some reason Mummy only lets me drink from Tommee Tippee by myself when I'm half naked, can't think Why.

11.30 Okay, now I'm wide awake.. lets go to Sing and Sign Yay..I love sing and sign...

11.40 Okay you wont believe what's just happened, Mummy has just broken it me that we are not going to sing and sign because George isn't well so we cant go to Exeter. She says we are actually going to the library down the road.

Not Impressed!

11.50 Well I've found a book and the illustrations are by Quinton Blake... Is it just me or are his drawings overrated? I mean he cant even keep with in the lines, he should talk to my brother George, maybe he could give him some tips or something?

12.30 Mum says we have to call in at the shops. We go shopping for food at least four times a week. I asked her today, why can't we  be like a normal family and go once a week to the supermarket? She said it's because she's not that organised and daily shopping makes her feel productive.

1.00 I cannot keep my eyes open a minute longer, I'm sorry Mum, I know it's not ideal but I'm going to nap in the car.

1.30 I'm awake, Oh no! I seem to have slept through the vegetable crumble tuition, Worse still, I've missed watching Mummy battle with the swede, but judging by the neatly chopped chunks, it looks like victory was Mummy's. 
Peering down at me in my car seat, Mummy asks 'Are you ready for some lunch?'
Finally! I thought she'd never ask.

2.00 Mummy takes me in to the lounge to practice my Gross motor skills. She is super keen to make me crawl. I like to drag these things out though, you know. I mean... why rush? She's just a stay at home Mum, its not like she's gunna miss anything. We have all the time in the world, Me, Mama and all the fun and games we play trying to get me to do it. This afternoon though Mummy started to play a bit dirty, moving my favourite toys out of my reach and so fourth, then, she started asking me stupid questions like whether I like the toy or not, I mean..please..

Personally, I think it would be much better if we made the floors in to conveyor belts or similar, then I could put my energy to much more constructive use.

2.30 My Mum decides I need to get some fresh air, so she asks George to take me out for a walk on my trike. Whilst dressing me, Mummy talks to me about the importance of accessorizing. She says a girl should always try to look her best, and, that later on today she is going to show me exactly what she means. I don't know why we have to accessorize to go out to the fields though. In case we meet a cow I'm thinking??...

Meanwhile, Mummy has emptied out half my wardrobe on to the bed (she'll be complaining about the mess later) and she looks straight at me and asks, 'bib's or bows?' I haven't the foggiest idea what she's talking about.

3.30 So we are off out in the car again it seems..I wonder where all these car journeys are fitting in to Mummy's new years resolution to promote her earth Mother status?

4.15 When we get home, I want Mummy to walk me around the house, (apart from pulling George's nose off it's my favourite thing to do)  but Mummy has got out this loud machine thing and is doing weird things with the fabric. C'mon Mummy, stand me up, I want to go wibble wobble and do pretend walking..

4.45 A few whinge's later and finally she gives in, I knew if I persisted she would stop trying to palm me off with a buggy buddy..I'm not even in my buggy...Gee's.....

Cute, arn't I?

5.00 Time for a bit of milk and a power nap before Daddy comes home, I know how he likes to play with me and I wouldn't want to disappoint him.

5.05 Hang on a minute, she's trying to give me breast Milk again. How many times do I have to tell you Mummy..I'm too big! Maybe if I laugh at her she'll get the hint.

6.15 Alright, It's dinner time, lets eat! I am such a big girl now, I eat with the others!

6.45 Well in all honesty, I'm shattered...oh no Mummy's just announced that she wants to dress me up again...

Well okay I sort of have to admit it, I've never seen one like this before..the Mama did good!

7.15 Well that's it folks! I'm Whacked, off to catch some zeds now...goodnight xx

Disclaimer : The idea for today's post was copied from inspired by the lovely Mummy Pinkwellies. You can access her blog by clicking here, or here or here because it's nice to have choices,isn't it?

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