Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Match made in Heaven?

Today, I bring exciting news, well potentially exciting news, or news that has the potential to be exciting...bear with me, what I'm trying to say is this..

Soon, Ruby-dog, our adorable German Shepherd Dog may very well become a temporary Mummy to a litter of tiny adorable pup's, because I have made the important decision to breed her for the first EVER time.

Yes it's true, for too long now I have frowned upon the heavily pregnant woman, I have wallowed in self pity at the footage on one born every minute and now, finally, Ruby-dog has agreed to come on board with me and help me overcome my jealousy of all things birth related - Thanks Ruby-Dog!

Now being a complete newby to this game, I'm planning to blog about this on a regular basis (Hopefully, with more success than with the planned entry's regarding diet and chocolate consumption)

In any event, the first thing I need to do is to find Ruby a most suitable Partner and as she is an exceptionally beautiful girl, from the finest of pedigree lines, I will accept nothing less than the very, very best.

Fortunatly, I seem to have stumbled across a rather Handsome stud dog quite literally a stones throw from where I live, he has an excellent hip-score, but will it be a match made in Heaven or just a match made in Devon?

 Zumander Bacchus      Ruby- Dog

I know what you're thinking, You're thinking Zumander would  look a great deal better if he lost the weird tongue stains..right? But hey ;-) that's what photoshop is for and there's nothing to suggest Ruby-Dog's off spring would be affected by this unfortunate characteristic.

We have already decided that in the event of a litter, we would not be keeping any of the pups..
This is because two German Shepherds would most likely:

-Malt every where
-Bark too much
-Be really annoying

Shallow as it sounds, the main motivation for having a litter of Pup's is Money. As a stay at home Mum, I have been thinking of ways to top up the family income, and now I have the time available, I thought why not let's try it out. I love my GSD, she is loyal, protective, scarily telepathic, good with children and very affectionate. When bred well and put with the right owners, German Shepherds are indeed an excellent breed.

We paid a a lot of money for Ruby-Dog, back in the day when we had the means, and we've given her a good life and good care, so surely Ruby-dog wouldn't mind helping us out with the old cash flow just this once would she?

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