Friday, May 18, 2012

The Mads? A Finalist? Me? Reaaaaaally?

Before all this palava with Smidge and the subsequent trip to trauma-ville, something truly amazing happened, the morning before our hospital admission.

Recovering from a groggy-eyed sleepy haze, I'd reached out for my i-phone and discovered ten notifications on my Facebook page, Ten!! There must have been an accident, I thought, hitting the little red speech bubble.

And then suddenly and completely unexpectantly came a post notifiction from the lovely Kylie Hodges from Not Even A Bag Of Sugar. Kylie was telling Molly from Mothers Always Right that I, Premmy Mum Leanna had a place in the Mad Blog Finals.


Immediately I ran down the stairs and jumped up and down hysterically in the kitchen screeching at One-day Hubby that I was one of the chosen ones. After a huge hug and silly dance I raced up the stairs launching the bathroom door open. 'Guess whose going to a glitzy London event?' I joyously declared to my scowling, tooth-brushing Pre-teen.


Spitting out his toothpaste and raising his eye brows slightly Mister G  raced in to his bedroom and started up the all time classic tune of  'cel-e-brate good times, come on!' This led to more hysterical jumping and embarrassing dances. I was absolutely delighted.

Last year some of my favouirte bloggers were in the finals. At the time I  a complete newbie to the blogging world. Never for one minute did I consider myself in their league and so I'm mighty, mighty chuffed that my readers and the short listing judges thought that my dear little bloggy was of a high enough standard. *Blushes Modestly*

With that said, may I  say a MASSIVE Thank you to any of my readers who nominated me, it was just the boost I needed.

Obviously the key purpose of this Blog is it's cheap therapeutic value, but the fact it keeps you lot entertained is an absolute bonus and I'd love it if you voted for me in the finals.

The award I am a finalist for is Best Mad Baby Blog, It's a very strong category with some fabulous rival Blogs ,but if you think diary of a Premmy Mum is win-worthy, then please click on the Badge below (or to the right) and make me smile!

Obviously, having far too many issues and being relatively self obsessed, I'm not so hot on the social media stuff. I don't do memes, blogging conferences or any of that  malarkey.
It's not that I don't want to, I'm just rather rubbish at it. This means that your vote is extra, extra special!!

So go ahead, click my badge... you know you want to! :-)

Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012

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