Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perfect, Perfect Girl

Today is a day when I feel like celebrating all things that are Ace about my Smidge.
The thing is you see, there are times when this here Premmy Mum simply beams with pride to see her miracle girl doing so well but I don't often blog about these things because lets be honest it doesn't make for such good reading
Then then there are times like today when her sweetness is so overwhelmingly cute that I can not help but join in on a bit of positivity. So here have it, Ten Ace things I love about Smidge.

1.Her kindness. I love the way she shares her stuff with me, she's always bringing me her toys and showing them, she is a stickler for good manners mind you, always insisting I say 'ta' when I receive the goodies.

2.The way she pitches her tone really high when she see's something that amazes her. I have never heard the word 'dog!' said with such enthusiasm. (or so many times in a row) She loves nothing more than stumbling across a random four legged friend in the park.

3.The way she looks at me for encouragement when venturing in to something new. She always turns to me for that bit of reassurance before she goes fourth. I have been waiting years for someone to value my opinion and now finally it has happened! *Awesome*

4.Her love of books. I've never known such a small child enjoy books as much as Smidge does. She will happilly sit there for over an hour babbling giberish and turning the pages. Imagine what that does for my Earth Mother Status, Imagine!

5.Her willingness to put things away after her. Like most one year old's, she loves a good sort through, wheather it's the books on the book shelf, clothes from the draws or tupperware from the cupboard. Luckily for us she also puts things back afterwards.

6.She tells good jokes. I'm assuming they're good because she always laughs after she cracks one. She just needs to work on refining her speech a little so we can all get in on the punch line.

7.The way she takes pride in her own progress and prompts us to do the same. As soon as she's achieved or she  hears the words 'well done' she's straight in there with the applause, cheering herself or anyone else on. *That's the spirit*

8.Her ability to concentrate on the task at hand. This girl certainly has her Father's patience. She loves a challenge and doesn't give up easily.

9.Her gentle caring nature. She's very placid and attentive. I love the way she picks up her dolly and gives it a bottle and a kiss.

10.Her cuddley nature. Her hugs are so full of love and she rests her little head against me and I know I'm truly very blessed.

She really is my Perfect, Perfect Girl xx

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