Friday, September 21, 2012

Toddler Craft.

Well yesterday readers, I was having an Arty moment, (these happen from time to time) and I decided in a moment of madness it would be a good idea to do some crafts with the toddler.
So the five- year -old bottles of multi-coloured paint were retrieved from the cupboard and together, Smidge and I created this masterpiece..

If you are also out of your mind equally passionate about introducing art to young people then why not make your own 'egg chime.' Unlike the conventional model, this contemporary version will NOT annoy the hell out of you and it's authentic and environmentally friendly image  will do wonder's do reinforce your Earth Mother Status,especially if you've know, slacking a bit.

All you will need is:

*Some old egg boxes
*Some old quiche or Pizza base packaging
*Poster Paint
*Tupperware Tubs
*Sewing needle and thread

1. Wait until you are the mood for cleaning, a lot of cleaning.

2. Chop up some egg boxes and locate tupperware tubs, your toddler may want to help with this..

3.Pour the paint into the tubs and put the broken egg boxes on the floor. Gritting your teeth, invite your toddler over to swirl the boxes around in the paint, all the time obtaining photographic evidence that you did in fact, let your toddler take part.
*Tip* Don't bother with newspaper (I promise you will just make things worse for yourself)

5. Locate and retrieve paint covered toddler from new found cubby hole and deposit  on to settee with milk bottle in hand, Lay out egg shells to dry.

5. Coat toddler clothes in washing up liquid (having removed them from toddler first) and place in washing machine on 60 degree heat. Pray that not using overalls will pay off.

6. Next take your quiche base and lightly cover it with poster paint, all the time pretending that the act of painting on foil was deliberate and that you are a pioneer of the new recyclable shabby chic look...

Allow one hour to dry, then thread the egg shells on to a string, tying a little knot under each shell to keep them in place. Encourage your toddler to watch television get involved, after all, one day they'll be big enough to do this themselves.

7. Attach to shabby chic base and hang from window.

8. Remove clothes from washing machine, gloat that paint completely washed out.

9. Finally, upload your pictures to facebook without delay and have everyone believe that you do this every day of the week :) x

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