Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Loss Awareness Day

Today is Baby Loss Awareness Day and to honour it, I'd like to share with you a story of a baby named Harry Cunningham.

Harry was cared for at our local Neonatal unit, he was born early at 35 weeks gestation. Sadly, there were complications during his birth that set him on a path to tragedy and the little boy that should have been taken home to his family instead became an angel.

Since Harry's passing a few months ago, his Mum Nikki has blogged and campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness about a condition called Vasa praevia. It was this condition that cost young Harry his life.

Take a moment to imagine how devastated you would be, to carry a baby for 35 weeks. To fully expect to bring that baby home. Nothing that anybody could say to you could take away the pain of the sudden frightening reality that it isn't going to happen.

But as a Mother to that baby, you would at least want to know that there was no possible way your babies condition could have been prevented. You would at least want to know that their sudden passing was a cruel twist of fate that could not have been avoided.

Now imagine that you found out that that this was not the case, that three extra minutes with a sonographer could have bought you a healthy baby. That your baby could very easily have been saved by a few extra checks.

Wouldn't you be devastated? Wouldn't you want to do everything you could to make sure this never happened again?

I would and I know Niki Cunningham does too.

So if you do one thing today, please go to her website and sign her e petition. Help her to help others.

Don't let Baby Loss be one of those things that doesn't matter because it didn't happen to you.

I wonder how many of my readers will take thirty seconds out of their day to do something for baby loss Mum's and to honour the life of baby who was taken too soon.


I know the Cunningham family cannot praise the paediatricians and nursing staff on the Neonatal Unit enough for their dedication and effort throughout Harry's short life. However by the time he came into their care he was already extremely unwell.

My candle for the wave of light and especially for the Cunninghams. I loved the way the reflection created a star like effect!

* Please read and support Niki on her blogging journey by following this link

* Please sign the e-petition requesting that screening for vasa praevia to be put in to effect in the U.K by clicking here.       .

* Learn more about the Harry Cunningham Trust by clicking here

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