Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mad Blog Award Finals.

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up, I've been in hiding since the late hours of Saturday morning when I woke up with a sore head, a sore throat and an all round totally hung over feeling, the result of  a fabulous night at the Mad Blog Awards.

I didn't win of course but fortunately, I was so drunk on the free wine  by the time they announced the winners, that my runner up status was very well received indeed.

The night in itself was brilliant, I was quite nervous in the lead up to the event as I didn't know a soul going and I was fretting about the possibility of being left standing around like a spare part but I need not have worried, I met some very lovely parent blogger's and they all made me feel very welcome.

Check out this pic..It's me ready for the event ( just before my dreams were shattered...)

The hotel where the awards took place was super posh, So posh in fact, one old lady even frowned at me in disgust to see me in my dribbled on jeans before getting changed for the event. (Sorry old lady but I only own one posh dress.)

At 7pm, the exclusive bar was opened and all the finalists filtered through, We were given lovely, lovely champaign to drink, Of course, they didn't have to ask me twice, I was ready to celebrate!
( have been practising at home for months in fact )

Later we went through to a dining hall, where there was a board with a seating plan, there were two big projection screens that span out live tweets, it was very social media ish and I felt like something of a fraudster being there, what with my 36 twitter followers (but I love each and every one of you!)

At the centre stage there was a podium of sorts, with a mega sized Mad Blog back drop, it was very professional looking and I was super excited to see who was going to be up there making speeches.

Sitting down at my table I got to know some other bloggers' and I was very lucky to be seated beside the hilarious Emma from adventures of an unfit Mother and the equally lovely Lucy, Author of Lulastic. Our table had a brilliant laugh, and we proudly finished every drop of wine on the table, quite an achievement really.

A shocked Emma managed to scoop the award for best family life blog and we were all delighted for her, I can't say I knew the other candidates but I  thought her a very deserving winner and I'm definitely going to be following her and the others' from now on!

A three course meal was served over the course of the evening, which was very scrummy and the table waiters did a very impressive job of getting all the meals out on time.

After all the winners were announced, the lights went on and a guy with a camera came over and started snapping shots of Emma. I was a little bit surprised to see he didn't maintain his professionalism as he started to get a little fresh with with her...

However Emma took it all in her stride,( the good natured girl that she was ) but it certainly caused a few raised eyebrows on my part..until it became evident the guy with the camera was actually her husband..  Damn red wine Who let him in? 

Like Cinders,I left at midnight to get a lift back to One day Hubby's sisters. Shockingly Mister G was waiting in the car, I stumbled towards him, apparently stammering 'give the loser a hug...' He embarrassingly recounts.

Any way, All in all, A jolly good time was had by all. If I was ever lucky enough to go again, (which is probably highly unlikely) I'd probably make more of an effort to stay sober enough to remember everyone's names, but then again... that really wouldn't be much fun would it?

A slightly tilted shot of the ceremony!

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