Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pass on the Lurve.. twice...!!

Well just the other day I participated in my first ever blogging meme where I was forced, yes forced to name but one blogger that I loved the best.

Since then I've been plagued with bloggy guilt and have been left with no alternative but to break the rules and submit not one, but two posts to Anecdotes of a manic Mum's Linky because it would be absolutely criminal to let another day pass with out me expressing my heart felt appreciation for the lovely Christina over at Beadzoid

See when you first start out in this blogging game, you look around for a bit of support as it's not easy putting yourself out there, strutting your bloggy stuff. So you can imagine how pleased I was to receive my first ever blogger comment from Christina, who was, at the time coming to terms with her own NICU experience.

Since then, Beadzoids blog has taken on a new tone, which is massively inspiring to someone like me. She writes about all sorts of things  relating to society and culture and often has me roaring with laughter with her down to earth accounts of life as she sees it. She's a girl who likes to keep things real and not being one to fluff things up myself, I simply adore her style.

In addition to writing a fab blog she is also really kind lady and can often  be found in times of need via a little square box on facebook.

In this box I have downed many a glass of wine and chatted openly with Christina and one day would love to meet up with her and get totally trashed to know her better.

In the meanwhile, she is right up there with the best of the bezzies in the blogosphere...

Cheers Beadzoid!! :D

Do you have a brilliant bloggy friend who you really appreciate? Check out Anecdotes of Manic Mum's fabulous linky and spread the lurve...

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