Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pass on the Lurve...

I'm not usually one to participate in meme's and nearly always end up with a bit of the old blogger guilt for being something of a spoil sport and not joining in. However when I saw this fabulous linky arranged by Anecodotes of a manic Mum I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to Spread the Luuuurve.

Rather fabulously, Manic Mum has asked fellow bloggers to say nice things about other bloggers and in particular, about one extra special blogger who is wholly brilliant and utterly champion.

Well when faced with this challenge, I was a little bit stumped really, as there are soooo many awesome bloggy friends to choose from. I love reading others' blogs and love it even more just as much if they take the time to read mine.

There is so much more to being a good blogger than just writing your own blog  and the bloggers that I love best  are true socialites and can be seen everywhere, not just in their own corner of cyber space.

My very favourite blogger would have to be Amy mouse over at Nearly Everything But The Kitchen Sink. We had never 'met' until she had started blogging back in September 2011, However I felt an instant connection with her as she is smart, funny, down to earth and clever too. Although she would deny all knowledge of being any of these things.

With us both being Mum's to ex premature baby's (who have both suffered numerous frightful hospital re-admissions on account of it) We have blogged, bantered and broadcasted all sorts of issues across the world wide web.

I think Amy mouse is the one other person who truly understands what it is to live through your worst nightmare time and time again and how it feels to have your worst nightmare sneak up on you when you kind of do expect it.... but never actually get used to it. I believe our reflections help one another in some way, even though each of our experiences are of course unique and could never be fully the same.

I also love Amymouse's adaptability, her upbeat and hilarious comments on twitter and on other peoples blogs too. In addition to bringing humour where needed she is also  perceptive and sensitive and has kind words for everyone.

If one day, I finally do get to meet Amy mouse, it may actually be quite strange as it's not every day you meet a complete stranger who knows you really quite well and that could be sort of weird... but still, I look forward to it anyway and for now I'm just happy to have a really ace and totally lovely cyber friend :)

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