Friday, December 14, 2012


Dearest Smidge,

It is so hard to believe that you are now a whole two years old. Two years old I tell you!, Two years old. It's really true, you have gone from being a teeny tiny 1lb 7oz Smidge in to a fully grown, pony- tail- wearing, Christmas- tree- terrorising toddler and I couldn't be more proud!

As well as being amazingly strong and fabulously resilient you are also incredibly cute, as was your big brother Mister G when he was just your age.

You love being around your bonkers family and often our names feature amongst your babbling gibberish.At present you say 'Mummy' approximately 300 times a day.

For the longest time you called your Daddy 'Da' but recently you've considered him worthy of two syllables, a gesture that has both pleased and delighted him to no end.

Like many babies, books are your absolute favourite thing and already you can point to the relevant shapes, animals, body parts and  different types of food when asked, such a clever girl!

Thanks to our recent house move, you had a crash course in baby signing too (the wonder of DVD's) and now you  have little conversations with us, using your hands. You're favourite signs are 'where?' and 'more.'
The latter, 'more'  is flipping relentless serves you very well indeed.

I love looking after you myself. Watching you learn and develop. It's such fun when you learn a new trick! I know you can tell that it pleases me as you keenly prompt me to applaud you.

Since we moved here, we've taken up 'cat spotting' in our local neighbourhood (there has to be some benefits to living in a street) and when you spy a four legged friend you point excitedly and exclaim 'there! th-th-th- there!!)

Your favourite song at the moment is 'here we go round the mulberry bush,' both in the form of my own terrible vocals and  on the CD in the car. You like it best if I combine the two and sing along with the music, in such instances you beam me a smile in the rear view mirror, which is extremely cute to see!

Your big brother George treats you to a bit of rough and tumble and you squeal with delight when he chases you around the house.When he catches you he gives you a great big hug and your little heart is racing but still you are laughing.

Helping around the house is another favourite pass time, you like putting the laundry in the basket and setting the washing machine off when it's not time.

You learned how to say 'yes' before you learned 'no' which has had Mister G ask you to agree to all sorts of  things, but you've cottoned on now and when he laughs at you for declaring your own insanity you look embarrassed and stop saying 'yes' for a while!

I could sit here for a hundred hours and write the millions of  things you do to make us happy but truthfully, no one is going to find them as lovely as I do.(apart from maybe Daddy and George) but  I hope it sums it up to say that you have completed our family and made all of our dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Pudding,




You In Your Party Dress

Your Sweet Little Two Year Old Face

Your Special Moment

Present Time!

With Cake On Your Face!

Birthday Smiles !

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