Sunday, January 13, 2013


Anyone who's met Smidge will know that she's a quiet girl, sweet natured and shy.
As her personality has emerged I have been pleasantly surprised by her placidity, I guess I just assumed I would always produce fairly loud children!

So when I tell you Smidge literally wouldn't say boo too a goose, I'm really not exaggerating. Three weeks it took her  to build up the courage to open the flap on a flap book, three weeks!

(..although granted, on the other side of the flap lurked a barking sound effect that terrified and delighted her in equal proportions.)

Several times a day she'd wonder over, shunting the hardback board book in to my knee, then, manoeuvring herself in to a good viewing position, she'd point towards the flap.

'Shall we lift the flap? I'd say, gently encouraging her.

However, Smidge would tense up,her feet would freeze to the floor as she'd glare at me with an intent look on her face, silently ordering me to do it for her.

As the weeks went by, the battery slowly wore down and bit by bit she built up the confidence to open the flaps by herself but not before she'd had me read it a million times, obviously.

Anyway,my point is, all this shyness has taught Smidge a few things about people because whilst she sits shyly on the side lines, she's been figuring out what's important in life and then, literally, she goes in for the kill.

It started out with other children's 'special toys'. You know their bed time softies and the like.

Then she progressed to wanting to eat food from other peoples plates even when her very own was right there in front of her!

and now and possibly the sneakiest thing to date..

Mummy Thieving.

That's right.. She now loves nothing more than to to be snuggled in to the lap of someone else's nearest and dearest and of course because she's such a sweetie pie and butter wouldn't melt, they welcome her with open arms.

Much to the dismay of her friends.   :-/

Whilst the Cats Away...

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