Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maaaaawse! - Another day in the life of a fast track Paed.

Every passing day my Smidge is getting cuter, which is probably why I can forgive her for this weeks hospital admission.

Yes it's true, she's been naughty again..

Now don't get me wrong, we've had far worse admissions than this but on Tuesday Smidge came down with the Mother of all colds and just when we thought that colds and us were becoming friends, she was floored by a real chesty number and our old mate oxy was called to hand.

Luckily, it wasn't too traumatic and if you ask me, the hours of lounging in front of the bedside television were considered something of a treat in my toddlers opinion.

However, whilst being shown to our quarters, my little girl spotted a fantastically retro sticker of her latest cartoon crush, Mickey Mouse.

And would she forget about that blasted Mickey sticker once she'd been shown to her cubicle?

No,no no readers, she would not.

'Maaaaaaaaaawse!' she would squeal from the confines of her room


So this Premmy Mum thinks, 'well its just a cold, nothing too sinister, no one will mind if we sneak down the corridor for a peek at her Favourite Disney day dream'

So having sneakily walked the forbidden halls, there we  stand before the slightly yellowing cupboard that show cases the ear-less Mickey Mouse character that she so loves..

'Is that what you wanted? I say, keen to bring a smile to her paled cheeks.

'Yes!' She declared with some certainty. 'Mawse'

But isn't long before a male nurse appeared and told us in no uncertain terms we must not come out of the cubicle and further more, the playroom is out of bounds too.

So  picking  up my weak but determined toddler I carry her back down the corridor and all the while she was wailing 'Maawse! Maaawse' as loud as her little premature lungs would allow.

Back in the cubicle we looked over at the all -too -familiar plastic tray which houses the toys selected by the 'play specialist'

But what's a wooden stand and hoops compared to a retro version of your favourite Disney pin up?

and how do interactive play blocks compare to the comfort of your own familiar toy box?

Oh well...such is the life of an ex prem toddler.

She's back home now and feeling better x

Living it up in Minors..

Gotta Love a spot of  02

First time in hospital in a big girls bed.

Take me to see the mouse Mummy. Take me now!

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