Thursday, March 21, 2013

Too Cute!

Blimey. I don't think I have ever gone this long without blogging. Is that a bad thing? Probably not. I've been immersed you see, in the cuteness of my troublesome toddler whose 'coming out of her shell' more and more each day.

On Tuesday she literally gave birth to her first public tantrum on the pavements of Torquay. It was quite spectacular actually and since then, she's taken her independence to a whole new level, exercising the word 'no' to it's full potential.

But do you know what....? I do so love it.

I love watching her trying to find her way in this world as she searches her toddler brain for ways to out -wit us.

I love seeing her try to make sense of her world, coupling up words  or putting them together into little groups.

She loves being here.

She loves being a part of our family. Best of all she loves it when we're all together and she happily chatters away, gleefully chanting 'Mummy, Daddy,Roo-Roo,George' over and over again.

Other times I hear her practising her defiance, which is equally funny to listen to.

'No,no ,no' she rehearses 'want this one!' 'no!! that one!'

But as Miss Smidge learns how far she can push us, I have to keep a close check not to over indulge her.It would be so easy to spoil a girl as cute as she, I have to constantly remind myself that just because my heart melts to hear her every word, still she requires discipline and boundaries.

Another thing I've noticed is I'm somewhat over protective and if anyone (no matter how small) thinks about upsetting her,I'm there in a flash.

Take the other day at the park. An non- confident Smidge was cautiously deliberating going through the play tunnel when a boy aged about four turned to her and told her she 'wasn't allowed' followed by telling her to 'go away' Even though I was right there with her!

'She isn't coming through here' he said to me, staring defiantly up at my face.

He was met by the stern glare of this here premmy Mum who forced an ironic smile before uttering (in a rather frank tone)  'I think you'll find, she is.'

Now never, in all my years of parenting have I even felt remotely annoyed by someone else's four year old.
I have always genuinely liked (or at least been pleasant) to all small children, no matter what their funny little issues are. Well all I can say is that's changed. I've changed.

Make way, people for Princess Smidge. May no child dare to upset her,Clearly her Mother has issues.