Friday, July 22, 2011

The end of an Era.

Today is the end of an era, A day that represents the end of something amazing and the start of something incredibly scary. secondary school.
I am officially old. Yes I got me a big kid now and it is utterly terrifying.
So it's goodbye to little orange chairs with holes in the back, you were impressively hardy and never showed me up by toppling over,even post pregnancy.
It's adios to the after school cake sales, it was a bitter sweet relationship that we shared but I will miss you none the less.
To the raffles and tombolas, I never won you but you gave me hope when the other stalls did nothing.
To the parents, Thank you for shuffling ,chit chatting and making school orientated small talk with me and preventing me from looking like a complete moron.
To the teachers, The thought of one day in the life of you gives me gray hair but you have all done a marvelous job and we liked you..
But most of all goodbye to little Mr G,to watching his proud and angelic little face singing in the school plays...
An image that will soon be nothing but a happy memory that will remain forever in my heart and if I'm  very very lucky..
will serve as some pretty good ammo in the years to come when I am faced with a gangly loud mouthed spotty teenager with attitude.

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