Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The neonatal service user feedback forum.

Today I am having a good day. No today I am having a really good day, for I have been to an important meeting.

..And in that meeting I was  given an important job, yes I was the pen holder.

That's right I was a pen holding, flip chart writing, idea gathering ex premmy mum who was invited to do something that anybody who knows me well never invites me to do...

Give feedback.

You see when I saw the pen coming in my direction I tried to resist it.

'Politely decline' I told myself, let someone else take the lead.. but the whiteboard markers and flipchart paper were just too hard to resist and years of restraint techniques were readily abandoned in favour of the opportunity to engage the group in one of my now favourite topics, neonatal service provision.

And it was amazing to meet a group of strong and thoughtful women who  were willing to give up their time to serve the interests of other mums of premature babies.

There was enthusiasm, kindness and creativity but above all there was an amazing potential for a whole new community of  ex premmy mum's.

 So we chatted and plotted and planned, we gabbled and grappled and griped, We made bad jokes about premature babies (okay maybe that was just me) and  I left today's meeting feeling thoughtful and uplifted with about a million tasks to do and about eight new friends.

All in all quite a good day.

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