Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Letter From Parliament

You'll never guess what I found nestled in my rusty old post box on my way back from the school run..

A pale yellow envelope, smooth to the the touch with the 'House Of Commons' printed across the top.

So I keenly deposited the remaining bank statements and Pizza Hut buy- one -get- one- free leaflet in to the 'I cant be bothered box' on top of my tumble dryer and peeled open the high quality envelope made from recycled paper to reveal....

A letter from my MP Anne Marie. No,

A letter from my MP Anne Marie, on Embossed Paper.

Well if I wasn't impressed with Anne before I certainly am now I thought, as I cast my eyes over the text.

See, I'd called in to see Anne at her 'surgery' a few weeks ago as a part of my work campaigning for Bliss, the Charity who strives to improve outcomes for vulnerable babies and their families.

'As Marvellous as the care was in the hospitals', I'd told her in our meeting, 'I'm getting a little bit flustered about how the NHS budget cuts are impacting on Britain’s most vulnerable babies.'

The new Bliss research shows that more than half of all UK Neonatal Units are not meeting the standards that have been set out by the NHS, and there doesn't seem to be an infrastructure that ensures health care professionals get the training, education and learning opportunities they need to be able to deliver vital life saving care to their teeny patients.

Having heard my concerns, Anne immediately agreed to do what she could to help, starting by writing to the secretary of state to see if he can tell us what's going on with regards to how the cash is being splashed.

So Anne's letter was in short, to clarify our conversation and put in writing her next steps. Jolly nice of her I thought. And what can I say but I'm delighted to have a community MP who is willing to listen to her local ranters residents and act on their concerns.

She finished her letter by saying she will write again once she has more details and that she will keep what I told her a secret. (apart from when liaising with the big house) very respectful Anne, I wish I could say I'll do the same!

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  1. Well done you.. What encouraging news