Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Years resolutions - For the record.

  1. Say at least twice as many positive things as I do negative in any given day.
  2. Use the Wii fit EVERY morning for fifteen minutes. (unless I'm ill)
  3. Walk the dog for thirty minutes every afternoon.
  4. Drink alcohol only on friday's and not at all during lent.
  5. Reduce my chocolate consumption by 75%
  6. Get more involved with my community and stop restricting my social circles to people I actually like.
  7. Make more things instead of buying them, and don't end up doing the second thing because the first thing didn't work out.
  8. Hold dinner parties more often.
  9. Visit A&E less often. (much less often)
  10. Loose two stone in weight.
  11. Care more about the environment (and do more to promote my earth mother status).
  12. Tidy up the Attic.

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