Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Fast Track Paed.

Wait a minute...that's not my ceiling...
and hang on a toe...what's going on with my toe?

Oh Lordy!  I get it...
We're at the frikin' hospital..but where abouts  is my Udder?

'Udder?'  I'm awake!'

Look Udder!! I'm holding the oxygen!! 
Wait a minute .. this should get her moving...

'Look Udder!! no oxygen!'

Relax!! I was just kidding!!

 So...What's for breakfast then? 

Oh dear..white bread again, Daddy won't be pleased.

 The doctors will be here soon, no prizes for guessing what they are going to say.
 ".Do you mind if I have a little listen to your chest?" 
No, of course not, but you'll have to fight me for the stethoscope.

Hey Udder,Could you make me look cute please? I want to look good for when the doctors come. Do you think you could throw together a healthy look? that pink bow for example,makes me look so well pro-fused!

Oh yes.. those matching shoes will really help to bring out the colour in my cheeks!

I think we all agree that I look pretty healthy right??
Time to start acting healthy too..Can you get me my walker please?

Now you're talking! Time for some natural physio, I'm off on my ward rounds..
 If that doesn't relieve the congestion..nothing will!

I can't fault these hallways for their glide-a-bility.

Oh! Hello horsey!

These dining chairs are always empty! do you think they are trying to say something about the food?

Back to my cubicle.
Suddenly my prison cot seems a little inviting..

Oh yes.. a nice nap and wee bit of oxygen should put me right. Grandma's coming at two and I want to be my best.

Oh  hello Grandma....You're already here and er...kissing my eye! 

Grandma and Me. We have an Understanding.

Well that certainly brightened up my day! Now it's time to play feed the Mummy..

I just can't get enough of this game! it's right up there with my favourites..

Like 'Put the cookie in the storage heater'

and empty the bag on the floor.

In general, My Mummy and I are okay in the hospital because we've got each other which is better than when I was in NICU because she had to go home every night. 

But best of all I like it at my house, where there's My Daddy, My Brother and my dog...
Even though baby walker gliding is not nearly as good.

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