Monday, May 21, 2012


Having Febrile in my life over the last week or so has made me realise quite a few things.

(a) Ultimately, I'm not in control.

(b) Life is too short.

(c) I should shop at Boots more often.

With reference to (a), It's important not to get hung up on this. I mean when has anything about being a Premmy Mum ever been smooth running? Control is so over-rated, Not only does it take a massive amount of time and energy but it leads to countless disappointments.

Nope. The best thing to do  is to embrace this change, learn to see it as an ugly but meaningful part of the great tapestry of life.

Learning to relax and make the most febrile seizures might be hard and even expensive at times but often  there is no other way, leading me to point (c) Shopping at Boots.

So, today I have been to the new Boots outlet,  to put together a supply of everything that's needed for a short stay at hospital. Having had three admissions in the last month, I'm getting to be a bit of a pro at knowing what's needed. I've put it all together in one handy bag ready to pop in to a car/ ambulance should the need arise.

Check out my list of hospital must- haves!

Presented in it's own little container, this compact baby sponge is ideal for that feverish car trip to A&E. If it's just respiratory issues I'm going for, it will still come in useful for an overnight stay and it's handy tub means I don't have to leave it out where germs may linger. Phew!

No more getting locked out of A&E when popping to the
vending machine, and no more suffering with a dry mouth in the height of an anxiety attack. This heavier- than- I'd- like bottle of Evian has multiple purposes in an emergency and so is worth it's weight in shoulder pain.

Rescue remedy. A bit of an old wives tale but in these   
situations even the placebo is embraced. And if there's a
chance it stops me asking 100 questions a minute, it has to be worth a go.
Dreamy skin face cleansing wipes. Because dreamy skin is so important when you have a sick child.

In the event that the rescue remedy is ineffective, these queezy sacks really come in to their own. Far more stylish than the traditional cardboard model, any on lookers will surely be impressed. If you need a little inspiration on how to use these sacks, see infant on front of packet. It is highly recommended that you remove the durable plastic packaging way in advance.

Really important to have your own bottle of calpol in hospital. This way when your wriggly and tortured child awkwardly turns her head away from nurse mid-administration, you can 'top up' using your own. They don't like you doing this but when done safely it certainly serves its purpose. 

Because we wouldn't want to see our new friend Febrile, not if we could help it.
Johnsons Baby wipes. Strictly for superficial purposes only. Low and behold, I WOULD NOT want to be seen in public with my budget ones.

Annoyingly, the Hip organic range was only available in glass bottles, but it was either a glass bottle or a non-organic plastic one. Obviously I chose to preserve my Earth Mother Status.  

This all- in- one radox gel is a good all rounder and you can use it your hair too.
Not sure what this is for but it jumped out at me on the shelf, I thought it said 'scrub off your life' which obviously was a great selling point for someone like me.
I suffer terribly from cold sores, especially when there's a change in temperature or stress involved. The only way to prevent them is by keeping my lips moist.

For when plan (a) doesn't work. Because the last thing you need (on top of everything else) is a manky cold sore.
Extremely unpopular amongst babies (and if you're lucky other adults too) these peanut M&M's can help to see you through the longest of nights.
The last emergency hospital visit, I left my toothbrush at home. When I woke up in the morning I'd lost half a tooth! I still  haven't seen a dentist yet. Apparently you have to be in pain at 8.30am before you can get an appointment at our surgery, which still hasn't happened.
Because sometimes, those nurses, they get busy, on such occasions  I find it helpful to have my own.
Especially useful for warding off the I.V fluids and it's also a handy drinks container.
All though it makes sense to utilise the hospitals supply where possible, these sometimes come in handy in the A&E, particularly after Smidge has been sitting on a cup for two hours. (don't ask)
Plum Baby food. Because they give five pence from every packet sold to Bliss (the premature baby charity) Or at least they did once!

So, after pacing the isles like a mad and frenzied westerner looking for any opportunity to materialise, I returned home and added some all important extra's to the bag. The sort of things that won't find in a boots shopping store.


Vests. (sleeveless ones) is all the clothing that's needed for Smidge on arrival in a hot environment like this.

Smidge's height and weight record. Because it's no fun being placed on a set of hard old hospital scales when you are feeling like rubbish.
Phone Charger 

Old Knickers!
Laundry liquid. A good old spot of washing will help to pass the time.
Plate and cup hoarding can be something of habit when your confined  to a cubicle 24-7, this nifty little bottle of liquid should help me keep them peachy clean.
A Fast track letter. This is the letter that's lets the receptionist at A&E know that we can skip the queues and go straight in, because there has to some plus's for being 'special'
I try to brush my hair at least once a day in hospital, especially if I want to avoid the 'unplanned beehive' look. Most embarrassing when it only becomes clear when you look in the mirror (after the doctors rounds.)

Last, but by no means least,an Anti feet humming measure. Because humming feet and small cubicles don't go together well. 

So that's it then, My hospital bag is complete. One less thing to worry about.


Disclaimer: I was not paid any money to advertise these products. I was not even given free stuff. I just wanted to look like a professional blogger.

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