Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Great Doctor, A Great Deal.

It's Smidge's consultant appointment this week and I'm really looking forward to it. I love her consultant, he is an incredibly understanding man with a trunk load of patience, and believe me you a need a whole lot of patience when dealing with this here Premmy Mum.

The thing I am most excited about showing him is Smidge's amazing walking, I just know he's going to love it! It means so much to us as a family, to have a doctor who cares and who puts his time and confidence in to us.

When I first him, the man I describe above, we were nearing the end of our NICU journey. 

Locked into a fearful way of thinking, I was terrified he was too relaxed. Didn't he know Smidge was most important baby there? The centre of the entire universe? 

'Do you remember when we first met? he once remarked, smiling. 'I had to spend nearly an hour convincing you that I was up to the job!' 

*Blush* The man had at least 30 years clinical experience.

I have to say he was incredibly understanding about our situation, which had been difficult, we were  moved around a lot you see, throughout our NICU journey. 

Between the 4 different hospitals we stayed in, there were at least 30 different consultants taking the lead on Smidge's care. Not to mention the numerous registrars and SHO Doctor's who helped Smidge along her way. 

On arrival at the final unit we were washed out and tired. There had been so many transfers and setbacks,so many different medical opinions. I was not fully understanding the emotional upheaval that was mine. 

What I did feel was a great sense of responsibility as an advocate for Smidge. After all, One-day Hubby and I were the only consistent people involved in her care. It was us who followed her  around the south west, like add-ons in some sort of frightful version of  'follow the leader'

But our designated Doctor seemed to know all too well what we had been through because he never lost his patience even when I doubted every second word he said, even when I outwardly challenged his professional judgement and did nothing but convey my own (rather poorly informed) views and opinions.

*Blushes again*

And despite the emotional upheaval, the upset and the totally barking behaviour from me, our doctor has never failed to show us his support, to tell us that we are doing great jobs as parents to Smidge and that she  is doing brilliantly as a tiny developing being.

And that has meant a great deal to us, her Mum and Dad, a great deal indeed.

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