Saturday, July 28, 2012

Favourite Sorts Of Nurses

Everyone has their favourite nurses when staying in the NICU and for me, favourite types of nurse came in two different forms.

I loved the rule breakers. These are the nurses that will go that one step further. They put themselves on the line really. They say things that NICU nurses must surely never say, They talked about the day I would take Smidge  home, even when the future was looking uncertain. 

They share a little of themselves ...but not too much, not so much that I was left questioning their dedication to the most important thing in the world, My Smidge.

These sorts of nurses will conspire a little, but remain loyal to their team. They seemed to know the perfect balance between keeping my confidence and behaving like a human being. They raised their eyebrows in all the right places and come across as warm, personable and professional.

Then there are the clinical types. These sorts of nurses would see Smidge in the context of probability and variables. Not presenting as soft faced or warm hearted,  still they offered a strong sense of safety, making me feel that Smidge was in the very best of hands.

Each child they nursed, they did so with confidence. In some respects, it seemed they didn't need to do 'small talk' as their handling of the babies' along with the detailed descriptions of how their care was being managed was enough to alleviate any concerns. These sorts of nurses are efficient, communicative and very to the point. 

Smidge had over 150 nurses take care of her throughout her NICU stay and although my relationships with them were often characterised by an array of mixed emotions, each one bought something unique to the dynamic.

Who were your favourite nurses and why? 

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