Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pleasantries or Truth?

Did any one else notice when they were on the Neonatal Unit how much the other Mum's would tell the Nurses what a great job they were doing? I did...


 Great job? Are you kidding me? That's my job you've just stolen there, My job!

It's like when your disorganised, obnoxious, slightly less paid colleague gets promoted to manager,You're left shell shocked, dumb founded and alarmed. On the outside you're smiling and saying 'wow..congratulations' on the inside you're thinking that Moron couldnt arrange a **** up in a brewery.

It wasn't that they didn't do a good job.. the nurses, they did, mostly. But the pleasentaries were in my view overdone  and I could really only muster them up if there was no other option.. like if I had to leave Smidge after I'd dared to express how worried I was.

The old "It's not you, It's me" line was pulled out of the bag quite often post- insult, and when not over used goes a long way in these situations.

Let's say for example Smidge was having a bad day, She'd had clusters of apnoea's and no one knew why. I'd be feeling extra anxious . I'd be involuntarily zapped in to a vortex of fear and things that were usually just terrifying would become unthinkably scary. The usual calm stroll to the incubator mid-alarm would appear to me like some sort of egg and spoon race on replay or like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon for the very first time.

It was agonising to watch and I wanted to jump up there and then and shout 'Hurry the **** up, that's my Smidge turning blue..get your skates on lady' However, I learned (as all Mum's do) to curb these urges  and show some restraint, however sometimes, just sometimes I just couldn't ignore it... I couldn't just sit there and SAY NOTHING. So I'd say SOMETHING and then worry that I'd said TOO MUCH. That's when the 'It's not you it's me line' would come in to play. Followed by the ' You do such a great job'
* AKA  now I've got to leave my baby here with you, who I just insulted' *

So for the record then, do I think Neonatal Nurses work hard? Mostly Yes.

Did I mean it Every time I said they were doing a great job? Er, actually, no. :-/

(favourite nurses, you know who you are, and are exempt from these rambings)


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  1. I love your blog. I am currently 100 days into my nicu stay with my beautiful daughter also born at 25+2. I am astounded every day by both the total thoughtlessness and utter kindness that I experience in my mad life