Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're Through

I am so angry at Dyson right now, uugghh..

There is dog hair where I really don't want there to be dog hair.There is dust where I don't want there to be dust. There is sorting that refuses to be sorted and why? It's because of yoooooou Dyson... and now, this Dyson  related fury knows no bounds and holds no depths.

The over flowing laundry basket?... I blame dyson.

The untidy airing cupboard?...Dyson

The unwatered plants...Dyson again.

And now, as Dyson sits there  big and gray and  plastic, I ask myself again and again..

What did I ever see in you?

With in hours of meeting you, you started to show me your true colours, putting your weight around and bruising me on the stair case. But at the time I was vulnerable you see, having just come out of a long term relationship with vax.

And after that I swore nobody was going to make me cheap promises again, So when I saw you  stood there  with your special features and five year guarantee, I was charmed by you,  tricked like a fool.

But special features are no good when motor blows up are they dyson?

A five year guarantee is worth nothing, when your serviceman does not carry spare parts.

And now I feel I have come to a point in our relationship where I have to expose you for WHO YOU ARE, nothing but a big old plastic ugly eye sore with limited shelf life.

So fellow readers, bloggers, Mum's... You have been warned. Do not be taken in and exploited by this evil piece.

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