Friday, February 1, 2013

A Sad State Of Affairs

Now that Smidge is sporting some super strong lungs and is getting that bit older I've been looking out for new places to take her.

Browsing over the leaflet that was deposited through my letterbox this morning, I did momentarily contemplate using the local children's centre.

The thing that puts me off, no, really puts me off, is the presence of  'family support workers.'

Call me conservative but since when did we all need a family support worker? Are there not enough 'experts' leading the way in this country?

Is being a stay at home Mum and spending time with your child not enough these days? Do we have to compete with the likes of nurseries and pre-schools before our children are even out of nappies?

The saying 'Parenting doesn't come with a manual' is certainly a thing of the past as the neatly stacked shelves of WHSmith were never more packed with advice on every aspect and style of parenting.

Well you know what? I think we all just need to calm down a bit and have a double vodka. The trend to create an industry out of something so natural is frankly annoying.

So you make your own cookie cutters out of bog roll tubes do you?

And you haven't taken your baby out of the sling for 6 months.


And what about our parents and our parents parents? Surely it is a major blow for them to watch their own children turning to the text book to learn how to be a Mum. What happened to looking to your family for guidance and support?

So when I see a Children's Centre family worker, I don't see 'messy play,' glue sticks and pom pom's. I see the breakdown of family values and guidance. I see the emergence of an economy based on creating social problems.

I see bored Britain.

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