Monday, May 20, 2013

Old Boots

Dearest readers and treasured friends,

Today we received the fabulous news that my Smidge, my Roo, (my tiny little Roo...) has hit a major and final milestone in the preemie world.

Yes, today friends, some two and half years after she made her entrance in to this world with uber-keenness (and staying power that would put a halted train to shame,) Smidge has finally been discharged from consultant led care.

Unsurprisingly, I feel a little emotional posting today. I guess there are tears of relief mixed in with a little bit of sadness with a fat dose of  luckiness piled on the top. Today is like having a  knicker-blocker-glory, the one without the bubble gum in the bottom.

Happy, cautious and slightly vulnerable ..that's how I feel I think and I wonder just how I'll get along with out the support of the lovely doctor who has helped carry us through the last two and half years.

It's a funny relationship inst it?  The one between a doctor and his patient. I like to think of it as a bit like wearing old boots.

You can go on many adventures in a pair of boots, they'll carry you through stormy weather, they'll take you over rough terrain and even though you look down at them and you think...  "y'know, I really could do with something else now, something more in keeping with my new look...." These old boots are comfy, they kind of mould around your feet and they are reliable, sturdy and still have some life left in them..So you loathe to give them up... and yet you loathe to keep them on.

So yes, there will always be a respect there for the doctor who's been so kind to us, for the one whose been there for us along the way, the one who watched me rant, cry, complain, stamp my feet and wave at him manically in the corridor..

and to think he watched all of that and barely raised an eyebrow.

He was the kindest pair of old boots I ever did meet!

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