Monday, September 5, 2011

Secondary nerves.

You know the last few days I have been taken by surprise a little by Mr.G  who has been acting kind of strange in the run up to starting secondary school. Well kind of strange for him that is! Yes, my otherwise fearless boy has been experiencing an extremely rare case of nerves.

The last time this happened  he was about seven years old.I remember it well, Stephen and I had taken him on a camping trip and there was a kids mini disco in the bar area.

‘Come on down to the dance floor and join in for a chance to win a prize’ Shouted the cheesy D.J with the microphone.

Mr G sat there looking a little bit antsy taking a long sip on the straw of his drink.

The D.J boomed out yet another tune and we could see all the little uns’ giving it all that on the dance floor when suddenly Mr.G looks up and he says..

‘Something weird is happening. I’m not sure how to describe it but it’s like I want to go and dance on that dance floor and yet I sort of don’t want to go’

Steve and I look at each other with a look of wonder and surprise.

‘It’s called feeling embarrassed’ I tell him ‘It’s quite common and nothing to worry about’

You see Mr G doesn’t normally do shy, embarrassed or introverted. Mr G does confident, assertive and upbeat. So you can imagine that when last night he asked my advice about whether he should put his uniform on before breakfast or visa versa I became immediately concerned.

Another sign that Mr.G was not feeling his usual self was on Friday when I took out the school handbook and started reading the student guide to him. He came and sat down on the bed and listened.

The last time Mr G was accused of listening was in year 2. But it turned out that he came down with a heavy cold a few days later...

So you can see how such a dramatic increase in his social consciousness has sent my anxiety levels soaring, I mean what if a teacher shouts at him and he cares?

What if he loses his bag and panics?

Having a big kid at secondary poses all sorts of new challenges. I’ve just got to remind myself that this is Mr.G we are talking about. This is the same kid that will go on any ride on the fair ground, the kid that remains as strong as an ox in the face of a crisis, that will take on any challenge without question..
This is the totally fantastic and utterly indestructible Mr.G!

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