Thursday, October 20, 2011


Oh Bloggy.. I'm ill! I've poisoned myself and Mr.G and Stephen too! It seems only Smidge has escaped the wrath of my cookery. What started with good intentions resulted in simply torturous outcomes. Who ever would have thought a singular lump of cheese could cause so much trouble?

I was in the kitchen you see, preparing a vegetable lasagne with a complex aubergine sauce and keen to be as organised as possible I grated the cheese in advance whilst waiting for the aubergines to boil down.

I waited,waited and waited but those aubergines took a jolly long time.

When finally the correct amount of shrinkage occurred, I layered up the lasagne and lovingly scattered the pre grated cheese over the top. The cheese looked a bit,well melty,but surely it was just a little more mature now. right?

Wow Stephen was going to be impressed with me I thought to myself, much more Earth Motherly than last nights fish and chips. I popped it in the fridge so I could clean up the kitchen..

6pm and dinner was served, it was compliments all round and my Earth Mother status was reinforced.

A few hours on and the effects started to become evident, Oh the shame of poisoning your own child. I will be kind and spare you the detail but last nights shenanigans called for some serious indulgence therapy.

Today I put my green faced self in to a car and drove to the petrol station, where I purchased some tomato soup, jarred baby food and two trash mags.

I am now feeling marginally more human. :-(

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