Friday, October 7, 2011

The Coolest Thing About Blogging

I always kept a diary when I was a kid because I felt it was important to keep a record of all the great injustices I suffered. There would be quite literally reams written about my parents and the perceived issues regarding their chosen disciplinary measures.

I would literally spend hours scrawling away in my bubble style handwriting, putting the world to rights and then, with my brain fried and hand aching I would manage to muster up one positive sentence. Something like ‘Am meeting Louisa tomorrow, Should be good’

So you can imagine what a delight it was for me to discover the blogging world some 20 years later when once again I found myself struggling emotionally.

Of course these days I keep an ‘Open Diary’ so anyone can read, which is a far cry from the scribbled out jottings of a paranoid pre-teen.

This to me is by far the coolest thing about blogging. See, since making this diary public, I have come to realise that there are others, many others who can relate to my experiences as a parent, and it seems they can be a lot more honest about their own muddles and struggles, making me feel better about my own. Awesome J

Yes I think it is brilliant that there is a multitude of shameless parent bloggers out there ready to unveil the truth about parenting.  I mean I shouldn’t have to put a throw over the x-box or tip flour down my dress every time someone comes round should I?

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