Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I've always been a bit a bit slow  meeting life's vital milestones on my journey into adult hood. The parents were always on my case...

At fifteen it was 'When are you going to get a job Leanna?' 

At twenty  'When are you going to get a drivers licence?' 

and from twenty five 'When are you going to buy your own house?' 

So I got the job, (or had the job I should say ) I sluggishly passed the driving test aged a feeble twenty five and all that is left before I consider myself well and truly en-drenched in Babylon is the mortgage.

Well one-day Hubby and I have always been lucky to have a rather nice, very big and virtually secluded *rented* home. We sort of fell on our feet you see, about five years ago, when a friend was moving out of her totally amazing house. She didn't have to tell us twice, we moved in the following month and we have had over five happy years here.

There's been chickens, There's been plums, there's been puppies and there's been bloody awful central heating that you couldn't turn off if you tried... and of course, there's been Smidge! 

But Babylon will wait no longer.

Babylon beckons to the materialist with in. So this here Premmy Mum has been scouring the markets, looking for a home for the family and me.

I've met a few estate agents... A funny breed arn't they? And in general I've found this house shopping malarkie really brings out my bi-polar side.

 It goes like this...

I see a house. I look at the photo's.I like it.

I consider the area, the pros the cons, I look at the photos again.

Quick!...a creative vision is coming! gets on the Ikea website without delay! living room inspiration takes centre stage on the screen..creative vision confirmed.

It's all worked out. 

I know where I'm putting the sofa. 

The one I'm going to buy from dfs because although slightly more expensive, it will last longer than the one from ikea so overall will work out to be better value etc etc *enters manic phrase simulating Stacey from Eastender's*

Goes to sleep dreaming of decor schemes, goes to sleep plagued with thoughts about weather shabby chic is tacky or not...!?

Wakes up in the morning, phones up agent... 'I want that house on the website!'

'Well can I take your details madam?'

'No! I don't want to bore myself silly listening to the sound of my own voice telling yet another agent my details, nor do I wan't 400 emails a day or voice mail box full of crap...All I want is that house!....'

'Can I have that house?

'Which house?'

'House listing number 4356,  on your website!'

'Oh no madam...that's under offer I'm afraid..can I interest you in this other property, a one bedroom flat in a popular residential area....?'

*Sigh* Back to the drawing board.

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