Monday, January 7, 2013


Well readers,I can hardly believe it but Smidge has managed to stay out of hospital for over six  months.
I know..I know.... don't tempt fate but I can't help it, I'm proud.
Prouder than proud!

As the winter months drew in following a turbulent spring, I told myself that I'd be happy with say, just three admissions to hospital.   

Well how many readmissions have we had? 

None I tell you, None! and I want it documented, whilst it's a reality.

I attribute this fully awesome turn around to my strict socialization rules, good hand hygiene and... well, the fact little Smidge is not such a little Smidge any more...

I have been very  lucky to have such considerate people around me to help me through so far. Friends who have reserved judgement on my strictness.

I am truly thankful for having these people in my life, for meeting up with me for play dates, for having coffee and chats, for cancelling our arrangements if their children have colds or seem a bit off colour. Basically for respecting my decision to minimise 'immune building' for a while. 

Of course I haven't been able to protect her fully. Still she has had four colds and two sickness bugs ( Yes,I count them! ) but she's coped with them well and hasn't had seizures or needed oxygen.*Hooray*

So now I feel I am being lulled  reaching a point  where she is getting stronger, meaning I can be all together a little more liberal about the stuff we do together. for example, Going to toddler groups.


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