Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Year Ago Tomorrow - I Stepped Off.

A nervous gulp, Everythings new.
panic, tension, a tear or two.

A sudden shift forward, theres no going back,
glitchy motions along the track.

Momentum is building, a nervous fright,
We're plunging down into darkened light.

I see the fear in their faces,hear their screams and cries
As they brave the up's and downs and close their frightened eyes.

They cling to those beside them, their faces fraught and scared,
They don't know what to do, No, they wern't prepared....

A cart or two ahead of them, unsure of what awaits,
I did not know the future, I could not hit the breaks.

The peaks and dips not clear at all, there was no place to hide.
We sat still and we waited for the forces to subside.

And then finally came the slowing..the light of skies outside,
we carefully remove our seatbelts and step up out of the ride.

My legs are feeling wobbly I walk slowly at first,
I stare back in disbelief. are we really over the worst?

I look back at their faces, we share a disconcerted look,
no one else knows where we've been or the courage that it took.


  1. I can really relate to that, the wobbly legged feeling like when you've taken off roller skates. I think for Josephs first year I was shell shocked and angry. For the second I felt robbed and still angry. In july it's3 years since he came home and I just feel joy and peace. I never thought I'd sere the day.

  2. I was warned by a nurse that it would take years rather than weeks to get over what happened, guess I'm just going through the motions!